Three Days Without Internet

Wednesday afternoon, while I was doing massive yard work, the Internet went out. No Internet Thurday — and I got my 3000 words easily, and a bunch of background stuff besides. No Internet this morning, and I got damn near nothing. But we’re back online now — my massive yardwork included bumping the cable, which pulled the center pin, so it was mea culpa.

But the last couple days, I have been a yard-mowing, bed-digging fiend — finished digging the first of the new landscaping beds yesterday evening (two days of hard, heavy work.) Tonight, I’ll clear the bed of grass and put in edging, tomorrow night I’ll cover with bedding. Take a couple days off, start in on bed two. By my plan (I diagrammed this all out before we even bought the place), have a total of eight beds to do in the front and side yards. Haven’t figured the back yard yet. But all the other beds are bigger than the one I’ve finished. I’m now officially in awe of the amount of work left to be done.

But it’s just like writing books. You do it a section at a time, and you’ll get there.

Anyway, nice to be online again.

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