Three A.M. Wakeup: The NEXT Cadence Drake

By Holly Lisle

Technically it was the thunder that woke me up, but the Longview story I’m writing now (#4, still without a title) had stirred up something in the back of my mind.

In Longview #4, there’s this game AI, you see. She’s really cool. Name is Retha.

And I got to thinking about her, and about other AIs like her in Settled Space, and then about Bashtyk Nokyd, and the future it looks like we’re building now.

And holy shit… Stuff started clicking, and I just finished putting together a concept for a radical rethink of The Wishbone Conspiracy.

Getting started on my Longview Hour now, but the fact that I lost a bunch of hours of sleep did not hurt my writing day at all.

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