Thorsday Night Writers: Update 1

By Holly Lisle

Had a bunch of errands to run, but I’m back now.

Have Scrivener opened up, all eight of my Sentences Lite typed onto index cards, the wordcount meter running, my weblog program (ecto) and blog wordcount meter set… and I’ve set an interesting challenge for myself.

I want my weekend off. A lot. So. I’m shooting for 3250 words today, and 3250 words tomorrow, plus the revision. Wrapping the thing Friday night before nine, then letting it sit, and doing a final polish pass before I e-mail it on monday.

The Sentence and Sentences Lite are tight, I love the way this whole thing has pulled together so far, and I’m excited about the story I’m getting ready to tell.

So. Word one begins now. I’ll make milestone posts as I make progress.

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