Thorsday Night Writers: 1703 Words, and Scene Two Done

Yeah. It’s still falling into place. Ended with a good, tight cliffhanger, and the mystery deepening.

What would you do if someone handed you a printed and bound book you’d written and tucked away, and have never shown anyone…that has been printed 50 years in the future?

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4 responses to “Thorsday Night Writers: 1703 Words, and Scene Two Done”

  1. Carolyn Cordon Avatar

    Oohh, I’d read that one real quick.

  2. Sandra Fikes Avatar

    Ohhh…. very interesting question there on the book. I think I agree with Jamie, only I would skim rather than read, I’d be wanting to get straight to the questioning too fast to worry about actually reading.

  3. Emily Avatar

    I guess I’d rush it to a publisher/agent 🙂

  4. Jamie D. Avatar

    Congrats on the amazing progress!

    As to the book – I’d read it (and extensively question whoever handed it to me…)

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