Thorsday Night: To Kill . . . Or Not To Kill

Down to the last scene. I’ve finished 5865 words, and I’m still trying to decide if the story is better served by having the villain live, or die.

I hate him—I really, really hate him—and I want him to die. But I can nail some great plot points either way.

That and the ending are left. Having already made myself cry a couple of times this morning, I know I have the final hurdle of what is lost and what remains to get through, and I’m not anticipating doing it dry-eyed. I have it about figured out. But I suspect Right Brain has at least one more heartbreaker to hit me with. I can feel stuff moving around over there as I’m writing.

Anyway, quick stretch, and I’m back to work. I want the last 635 words to be…well…killer.

And the Scrivener video came out horrible. Absolutely impossible to see the screen. Don’t know what went wrong, but I’m going to end up doing it again another day.

Next post will be the last until I do the revision Sunday Night.

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3 responses to “Thorsday Night: To Kill . . . Or Not To Kill”

  1. Cathy Avatar

    Do not kill him. He can be recycled, right? Fleshed out and shown with another side at another time..

  2. Belle Avatar

    I am really enjoying your Thorsday Night posts – very inspiring. Looking forward to reading what you decide!

  3. Victoria Avatar

    Kill him! If he is that horrible he is not fit to live…excuse me, I tend to get worked up over stories. I get too attached to characters and suffer greatly because of it. Anyway, good work Holly! You inspire me everyday!

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