Thorsday Night: Still on target

1676 words to go. Heading into the climactic confrontation, where I have two good twists planned.

Nila and Per (my handsome Swede) were in deep trouble, only from the looks of things, the trouble has all just shifted to Nila’s shoulders.

This is such a blast.

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2 responses to “Thorsday Night: Still on target”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Thank you for asking.
    If you like suspense, Midnight Rain.
    If you like fantasy, Talyn, or Hawkspar.
    Someone else might have a different opinion. Those would be my picks for first intro, though.

  2. CJ Avatar

    Hey, Holly, I’ve been a freerider for a while now, and am starting to get really curious about your works. Which book (or series) would you recommend I start with?

    PS The website links to a Chinese blog, so if you can’t read Chinese…

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