Thorsday Night: 882 more words

I’m at 3687 words.

And right at the midpoint, I came up with a better way to do the story, which is going to require significant rewriting. Probably on Sunday night. Something my main character found out in scene three now has to be transferred to scene four, which is going to cause some word loss. But that’s okay, because I’m running kind of long anyway.

And, I did a quick video on how I use Scrivener, because someone asked me for one, and I’m using it today—recording didn’t take all that much time.

It’s uploading now, and I’ll post it during my next stretch break.

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3 responses to “Thorsday Night: 882 more words”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Ieva—Thor doesn’t make an appearance. The intro setting is a SF/Fantasy writers’ group that calls itself Thorsday Night Writers, which meets on Thursday night.

  2. laurel Avatar


    It is amazing watching your process and progress through your posts. We are so fortunate to have found our way to your mysterious writerly doors. Thank you for making the Scrivener video, you are the best! I know I will learn so much from watching the video, when it is ready to be seen.

    Journey well

    Aisling Laurel

  3. Ieva Avatar

    Good luck with the story!

    Out of pure curiousity: are you having Thor in it? Or was I completely misguided by my mytho-muscle?

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