This Site Is Now on Hold

By Holly Lisle

I’m putting the site on hold for at least a few months, due to serious overwork and a desperate need to catch up on deadlines without any distractions. I’ll be removing the contact link, will not be answering e-mail other than from personal friends and family, my agent, and editors, and will not be doing any site updates. Nor will I be online elsewhere.

I’ve found a couple of links on the site that were broken. I’ll fix those today. Anything that is broken after today is not going to get fixed until I can breathe again.

To eliminate potential problems, comments on the weblog and other interactive elements on the site will be shut down for the duration. Please remember that the Holly Lisle’s Forward Motion Writers’ Community remains active and busy, though I will not be there at all during this time.

I apologize for my abrupt departure, but Real Life has become overwhelming, if in a good way, and I need to get some control over career and family issues before I spend any more time on this particular hobby.

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