Think Sideways Students: Course Software Upgrade Downtime

By Holly Lisle

The much-awaited and frequently delayed upgrade of the How To Think Sideways classroom and forum software starts on Wednesday.

No one will be able to access ANYTHING on Think Sideways between Wednesday June 10 and (most likely) Friday June 12. No one will be able to sign up for the course during that time, either.

This is a big upgrade that is going to require a block of time when NOTHING is being done to any of the databases, except by us. That’s the reason for the complete shut-down. And while it would be cooler to have this thing done by a team of ten ninjas at three-a.m. on a Sunday, who could all just work until it was done, … well, both Margaret and I have families and sleep addictions, and a Red Bull fueled 24-hour marathon just ain’t gonna happen.

So. If you have a recent lesson you’re going to want, get it now.

If you have a lesson that’ll be delivered during those three days… it’ll be there when we open the doors again.

Expect some rubble.

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