Think Sideways Pre-Registration Open

Well, the weekend was a mess. We lost power for more than two hours on Saturday, and following that, the internet was dead for more than forty.

In spite of which, How To Think Sideways is getting closer to liftoff. Probable registration date for the course is around the end of July.

I have the course curriculum posted, and the FAQ, and the first run of data for the How Much Does It Cost You To Write survey.

And Pre-Registration has opened. If you’re not already on the priority notification list for the course and you look over what I have up and decide you want to take it, SIGN UP here. Be sure you click the confirm link in the e-mail you’ll receive. (Don’t e-mail me an “I confirm” response—you have to click the link for aWeber to verify that you really want to be on the list.) Once you’ve confirmed, you’ll receive the link to pre-register.

Pre-registration has been open less than an hour and already we’re over 200 folks, so if you want in for the first class, don’t wait. At this point, it’s very unlikely that I’ll have any seats left to offer publicly when the course goes live around the end of July.

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