Think I’ve Been On the Wrong Road

By Holly Lisle

I think I got too attached to the rattlesnakes. I wanted them. They fit, they were cool, they were scary ….

… but I think I’ve been on the wrong track with this proposal. Thinking with my fingers here, I have to look at how Jenny can do the most unexpect thing. She’s been doing expected things, logical things, emotional things — but she hasn’t taken her situation, turned it upside-down, and attacked it that way. And she needs to. Because if she does that, everything will come out different. Better.

She’s the hunted; she has to accept this and decide to become the hunter — she’s going to bag game nobody expected. But to do that, I have to let go of my rattlesnakes, dammit, and maybe throw them into another book. They were unexpected, but they have always been a tacked-on part of the story, and I think my gut knew it.

I need Janus and his two faces here, no Quetzalcoatl.

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