There’s a hold-up on shipping

Need a day to figure the problem out.

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One response to “There’s a hold-up on shipping”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Okay. INTERNATIONAL orders are going to have to go out later. I’ll pack them in order and put your names on them, and we’ll figure shipping as I get them packed, but I have to wait for a couple of forms to get here from the post office to make sure that your packages will go through customs. It will take from seven to ten working days from today for the forms to reach me (according to the post office.)

    Once those forms get here, I should be able to start mailing them.

    US orders are fine.

    And you’ll each be contacted by email from the post office when your order ships. A tracking number will be included. These aren’t great (nothing like Fed-Ex or UPS, where you can actually see where your package is.) But they’re better than no tracking number at all.

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