The writing was going well…until it wasn’t

I’d gotten around two thousand new words on the Green Magic book—nearly an entire new second chapter. But as I was reading through it, I realized I hated it. I cut everything that didn’t work, and ended up with about 700 new words for the day. It took me ages to get that.

I did have some luck with the ads for Zette’s and Bettye’s books. Inspired by the ad Kankamuso did for me, I came up with something a lot prettier than the ads I’d done previously.

I’ve never had to consider advertising before–what it would look like, what it would say. I don’t have any books about it, but think it might be time for me to get one or two good ones. Meanwhile, though, I think these are a lot less ugly than the ads I came up with the other day.

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