THE WRITING CRAFT Update: Which kind of writer are you?

Based on heavy votes on THE WRITING CRAFT’s “I need this planned module first” poll, I’m now at work on the Motivation module.

Following that, I’ll do the Pacing and Plot module.

The votes were surprising.

HOWEVER… the comments were far more telling—I got bunches on all three polls, and discovered that what I was looking at as one BIG course in fact addresses three separate groups of writers:

  • absolute beginners, who know they want to write but who don’t know how to start or how to keep going once they’ve started;
  • intermediate writers who have written for some time, but who may not have finished anything (or anything they love);
  • and advanced writers, who are already writing and finishing work, but who are looking for ways to refine their techniques, become more publishable, or simply write books they like better.

And I discovered that I’ll be reconfiguring the course to create separate Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced modules (which will save a LOT of those “dropped” modules, and let me do some of the modules I was most excited about). I won’t be doing them in linear order (all Beginner modules, then all Intermediate modules, then all Advanced modules)—rather, I’ll be doing them based on votes, student comments, and general enthusiasm/need for particular modules.

Here are direct links to all three of the first follow-up polls. If you haven’t already voted on them, you can do so here:

What I really need to know now, though, is this—which are you: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced writer? (You do not have to have published to be advanced. You do need to have completed at least one novel or nonfiction book or several short stories.)

What kind of writer are you?
BEGINNER: I know I want to write, but I’m not sure how to start or keep going.
INTERMEDIATE: I write sometimes, but don’t usually finish what I write (or love what I finish).
ADVANCED: I write and finish work regularly, and am looking for new techniques and refinements. free polls

Please leave any comments that will help me tailor the course to what you need.

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3 responses to “THE WRITING CRAFT Update: Which kind of writer are you?”

  1. Emily Avatar

    You have to click on ‘vote’ to get to the poll.

  2. Colleen Avatar

    Holly, I apologize, but I can’t use the voting software. I consider myself Intermediate: I’ve written, even finished a few things, but there’s no soul in them.

    My votes on the original survey (which I could get to – very odd) were due to the fact that I see such depth and complexity in authors I adore – and what comes out of me seems so flat and two-dimesional that a three year old could add more intrigue.

  3. lynD Avatar

    FYI – The radio buttons don’t appear on the poll in IE 7.0. I can email a screen cap if you need it.

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