The World Looks Brighter Today

After 13+ hours of sleep, the migraine is gone. My blood pressure, which had spiked due to all the stress (though not up to the 160/110 range it was traveling in before I fixed it—just up to 140/84), has worked its way back down to normal levels. The air conditioning is fixed. The water isn’t, which meant that I got yet another shower in ice water this morning. Yowza—standing in ice water is much less tolerable now that the air conditioning is fixed, by the way, and the house isn’t 98 degrees inside. But we’re going to see about replacing the water heater today, and hope that homeowners’ insurance will cover some or all of it.

I did not get my words yesterday—the first day I’ve missed it quite some time, in spite of everything going on. But I feel human again today, so I’ll make them up, or at least the ones that can’t be pushed back just a bit.

Thanks for the encouragement and good wishes. And the comment on feverfew. I’ll look into that; I’ve never heard of it being good for migraines before. Would be fantastic if it helped.

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