The World Gates

MEMORY OF FIRE  (World Gates Book 1) Lauren Dane discovers a doorway to another reality in Cat Creek, North Carolina — and she crosses over, driven by a strange compulsion she can neither resist nor comprehend. Molly McColl is brought there against her will — kidnapped from her trailer and carried into a realm that traps her, terrifies her…yet offers her a strange and wondrous escape.

In an extraordinary universe of magic and monsters, two strangers sharing only pain and loss must now pursue the destiny that has united them. Because worlds are suddenly threatened by an evil beyond imagining — the world they have entered…and the one the have left behind.

THE WRECK OF HEAVEN (World Gates Book 2)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

There are doors into other worlds — and those who cross over are changed forever …

Two women have discovered the way into a new reality — one so close to Earth that events there have shattering repercussions here. On Oria — a wondrous paradise and nightmare both — Molly McColl has powers she never imagined … and a destiny that threatens her life, her love, and her soul. While Lauren Dane must use an extraordinary, newfound magic to protect her young son — and to join with her sister on a quest that will shake the foundations of Heaven itself. For a serpentine evil now threatens the worldchain — a soulless, immortal enemy who feeds on the death of worlds, and who is now turning its hungry, malevolent gaze on Oria … and Earth.

GODS OLD AND DARK (World Gates Book 3) The spellbinding conclusion to the magnificent epic of fantastic adventure and worlds within worlds.

Live magic has returned to the Earth — as the demons of every universe gather to destroy it …

The World Gates offer passage into countless realms, dimensions, and nightmares, changing forever those few with the courage to cross over. Lauren Dane and Molly McColl, two sisters transformed, now hold the future of all living things in their hands — for Lauren’s mission to bring life-giving magic back to Earth and other dying worlds has not gone unnoticed. And Molly’s power to protect her will not hold against the countless ancient evils that are closing in. For the maelstrom is coming to drag down gods and humans alike. And darkness will surely prevail unless a last, desperate stand is made against the dreaded Night Watch, eater of worlds.


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