The words FLEW, I tell you. They FLEW!

It’s not even 9 AM, and I already finished my words for the day (and even ran over a bit).

My objective was 1000 words, and I got my scene, and 1,173 brand new words.

Better yet, they fit the line-for-scene outline, they move the story forward — and they are angry. These are words that NEEDED to be angry…

Because something terrible has happened, and my main character is helpless to undo it, and the people she is supposed to be able to count on to help her have just essentially held up their hands and said, “Nope, we can’t touch this — it’s to dangerous for us”…

So tomorrow… Tomorrow she is going to have to come up with a way to get help, or watch the current crime that’s been committed turn into one a helluva lot worse.

And she’s going to have to watch herself lose the one thing she’s yearned for and prayed for and begged for… and that she didn’t have until just YESTERDAY, her time.

She’s just discovered how cruel the universe can be.

Now she’s going to have to figure out how to grab it by the tenders and make it do what she wants.

BUT THAT is for tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.


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