The Wishbone Conspiracy: Totally left-fielded myself today. WOW!




Today was the day you want to be a novelist for.

Yesterday, I’d set Cady up with a banquet on an activity card,  and a crazy thirty-plus hour schedule she was going to have to get through in which she would not have a single minute to herself, and in which she had to have at least a bit of alone time so she could plant the bugs her rescuers were going to need so they could find her before she got herself killed.

And then today, my right brain Muse threw me something so amazing, so crazy, and so PERFECT that I could not believe it. It came from the very darkest part of my life, from the places where I have seen things go wrong in horrible ways…where my reality and my close associations with loss and pain, and how much you would do to fix things if you could, come into play.

And yet, the scene is bright, and happy, and cheerful. Full of hope.

Devious as hell.

The perfect first-draft mid-point twist, and not AT ALL what I thought I was going to be writing today. It was, instead, a complete one-eighty from where I thought I was going to find myself.

I am so damned excited I want to keep writing, but I got my 2216 words, and had to get the bit from between the horse’s teeth and rein him in.

Long list of other things I just have to do.

Won’t have another Cady day until next Wednesday.

But lemme tell you, I am already looking forward to next Wednesday with delight. I love this woman and the crazy shit she gets herself into, and I love what’s coming next.

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