The Wishbone Conspiracy: The twist that took me by surprise

By Holly Lisle

Had a hard time getting going today, but something Becky mentioned in one of our recent podcasts (with derision and loathing) turned out to be a step that helped…

Her comment? A reminder that at one time I’d written to an eternally looped version of Classical Gas played by Mason Williams. That was back in the days when I was on publisher deadlines, we were eternally broke, and I was writing ten to twelve hours at a stint.

Today I was having a hard time hitting flow, so I dug Classical Gas out of mothballs, put it back on in Infinite Loop mode…

And just like that, the words flew.

My Muse knows that Classical Gas means, “You’re going to sit here until you get the damned words—“ and it has gotten much better about getting the damned words. <insert happy grin here>

And I don’t have to do ten thousand a day, which makes the right-brain Muse much happier. So.

Got 2177, which puts me at 50,420 words total…

Which means that I only have 19,580 words left to finish the novel.

I could run longer on the book, of course. I often do.

But the story is coming together the way I want it to, it’s hitting the things I need to hit in the places where I need to hit them, and the totally unexpected twist that landed at the end of today’s words won’t add length to the story. Depth, definitely. And a bit of unexpected extra conflict.

Was a good, good writing Friday. 😀

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