The Wishbone Conspiracy: Still in the exciting “first ending” bits

By Holly Lisle

Herog decided to be difficult this morning.

I had what he was going to do all nicely planned out, and then it didn’t go the way I’d planned at all.

Cady is now in a bad situation that’s about to get worse, Herog is in a dreadful situation that he might not be able to handle, the first part of the truth about the Wishbone Conspiracy has been revealed as a fraud and NOBODY wants to believe their own eyes or their own senses, and while I know things that need to happen next, I have no clue right now how they’re going to happen.

Things have the potential to get very messy and to throw some pain and heartbreak at people I like.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting writing day. (Where the definition of “Interesting” is… Oh, crap. How do I fix the mess I made?)

Oh, yeah. And while it took me way to long to get them, I got 2054 words. And I am very happy with them — at least, if tomorrow I can figure my way out of this mess.

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