The Wishbone Conspiracy: My odd discovery about writing Cady

I got 2056 words today on The Wishbone Conspiracy. Finished Chapter 2, and now am 586 words into Chapter 3.

I did this in about an hour and a half writing time — eight ten-minute timers and part of a ninth.

The story flowed, the characters did interesting things. And I discovered that my mystery character from the Cadence Drake mailing list emails (the little puzzle game I’ve gotten behind on) is involved in this book. That worked itself into this without warning, and jumped out at me with a little “GOTCHA!” that startled me.

But the odd discover I made today about writing the Cadence Drake novels wasn’t that.

It’s just that being inside Cady’s head is… different.

She’s not the only first-person character I’ve written.

But she’s the only one who, every time I write her, feels like coming home when I slip into her voice.

It’s hard to stop writing. Hard to hit my word limit and quit, rather than just pushing on.

Today was a GOOD writing day.

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2 responses to “The Wishbone Conspiracy: My odd discovery about writing Cady”

  1. dragon Avatar

    I know the feeling of coming home in a character … unfortunately, mine is an OC in fan fiction who has developed over … 54 years. LOL. Sounds like Cady is running strong.

  2. Kate Avatar

    sounds good. I have a character I can write easily, Jackson Stonebreaker who is my first really strong protagonists. So, even though I don’t tend to read sci-fi and have only written one, just to do it, or in the first person, I get the feeling.

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