The Wishbone Conspiracy: I love it when a plan comes together

Because I have the last Early-Bird Launch for How to Write a Novel going live on Monday, April 1st, and because I had to do a bunch of work on that first thing in the morning so I could send out emails, I got a late start on fiction today.

But the whole bullet-journal, check-things-off, stay-focused process works. Works well, even.

As soon as I got the emails out, I moved on to the next thing on my list — today’s 2000 words on The Wishbone Conspiracy.

I finished the scene I was so excited about yesterday and loved the way it came together, moved on to the next scene, kept surprising myself by taking the story at different angles than the ones I’d expected, and finished up with 2043 words.

In spite of a tough start, today was a great writing day.

And I get to come in and do more tomorrow. And with a wink and a nod toward my post’s title’s reference to The A-Team, I really do love the way this book is coming together.


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