The Wishbone Conspiracy: Flying words, and ONE word that summoned a new world

This morning was an awesome experience. First, I got 2117 words on The Wishbone Conspiracy. Fun words.

I woke up a little late, got started a little later, but nevertheless popped open my Scrivener document, headed into the last words I’d written, scanned my plan for the chapter, and jumped in.

The words started slowly— they usually do. But Cady was in a smartass mood, and made me laugh a couple times with things she said and did, and then stepped into a situation she wasn’t expecting, and dealt with that a little less gracefully than one might have hoped.

As she sometimes does.

And in the middle of her dealing with the well-earned fear of the bad shit that’s now racing straight at her,  she used a funny word that stopped me in my tracks.

Not gonna share the word.

She made it up, it was the right word, had the right feel, and it summarized a situation she’d been in perfectly.

But that word also clicked for me on a completely different level.

That one word said, “This is what you were looking for. This word. Think this, think Ohio, think the series you were trying to get to come to life on you in the shower this morning…

I did. And all of a sudden my blue-ink Ohio World pen was racing across the notebook page, asking question after question after question, setting limitations, presenting conflicts.2019 03 20 the ohio world notebook900X1200

This is the notebook, POST notes. Still steaming slightly.


Not only did I get the words on The Wishbone Conspiracy.  

I also got a hard lead on the new series I want to build. I got my main character, the problem she faces at the beginning of the first story, a GREAT series name, and a real sense of what the books are going to be about.

Urban fantasy in a place I love with a world I now cannot wait to write.

I will wait, of course. I have other projects that take precedence.

But now I can start into the preliminary work. Worldbuilding, Octopus map, overall planning… Stuff I can do for fun in my off-time, just because I love it.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this job?

I love this job.

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5 responses to “The Wishbone Conspiracy: Flying words, and ONE word that summoned a new world”

  1. Phoenix Avatar

    *Perks up* Did someone say urban fantasy? From Holly? SOLD!

    I delayed too long to get to your reader survey before it closed, but the one thing that kept chanting through my head every time I thought about it was “Kate Daniels in space”. (The Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews is my number one favourite post-apocalyptic urban fantasy ever.)

    It wasn’t until you asked the question that I realised how similar their style of writing is to yours – complex, intelligent, funny, grim, gritty, action-filled, and full of characters I need more of in my life.

  2. Francine Seal Avatar
    Francine Seal

    I’ve got that exact same notebook sitting on my desk, though mine isn’t about my fictional world. I suspect if I used the various notebooks I have now, I’d never be able to find all my notes. Instead I have reams of data about my world, the beings in it, (at one time I had a database about my first novel) filed in multiple tubs, boxes, 3-ring binders and magazine holders. No, I don’t know what’s where and I still haven’t revised that first novel which is going to be a major overhaul because I’ve learned more about my world while working on the second one. Does that happen to you, too?

  3. SheSellsSeashells Avatar

    I’ve had that happen exactly once, though it was more of a mental image. (“These pots are sculpted to tell you what’s inside, because nobody can read,” says the subconscious. “Why can’t they read?” “Because HERE HAVE AN ENTIRE SETTING PLUS BACKSTORY PLUS GOAL.” “…okay…”)

    1. Vanessa Avatar

      Awesome news. I am absolutely hooked on the idea for the Ohio story.

  4. Deb Avatar

    Cool. Very VERY cool. You are so inspiring!

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