The Wishbone Conspiracy: Cady comes up with a terrible idea — 2101 words

By Holly Lisle

Today went well, and when I say that, I say it with a positively evil laugh.

The little secret I’ve hinted at in the Settled Space series emails is now open knowledge to Cady and her team. Well, the fact that Cady has a problem is now open knowledge. 

The person behind the problem remains well hidden.

So Cady and her folks are faced with the OTHER problem, the immediate one, where the guy who’s massacring tons of folks — and getting away with it — is going to keep getting away with in unless they figure out a way to stop him.

And Cady has come up with a dreadful idea that is the only idea that might work for solving the mass murderer problem. 

I’ll note, however, that it is a very, very bad idea.

So I’ve just realized it’s about time to bring Herog back into the picture.


GOOD story day. 

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