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5 months ago

Hey Holly, my name is Andrew and I am a voracious fantasy reader. I started reading the Bard’s Tale books in order to get into the lore, and the first handful of books were pretty meh, but then I got to Thunder of the Captains by you and Aaron Allston. This is easily the best of the Bard’s Tale books (so far), and an awesome fantasy book in itself. I see that you have at least one more Bard’s Tale book in the series and I look forward to it.

I see you have tons of other books written. Can you share which ones take place in a more traditional fantasy world? I’m not much into sci-fi, paranormal, or urban history, but I’d love to look into anything you have in more traditional fantasy settings. Thanks for your time.

Jason Gallagher
Jason Gallagher
Reply to  Andrew
5 months ago

Don’t forget Talyn and Hawkspar! I love all of the novels Holly mentioned, but I think that Talyn and Hawkspar are real masterpieces. Everyone who loves fantasy should read them.

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