The Weekly Sheldon

The Weekly Sheldon #2
The Weekly Sheldon #2

Working all week on Ohio 2 rewrite.

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3 responses to “The Weekly Sheldon”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    Hey Holly, my name is Andrew and I am a voracious fantasy reader. I started reading the Bard’s Tale books in order to get into the lore, and the first handful of books were pretty meh, but then I got to Thunder of the Captains by you and Aaron Allston. This is easily the best of the Bard’s Tale books (so far), and an awesome fantasy book in itself. I see that you have at least one more Bard’s Tale book in the series and I look forward to it.

    I see you have tons of other books written. Can you share which ones take place in a more traditional fantasy world? I’m not much into sci-fi, paranormal, or urban history, but I’d love to look into anything you have in more traditional fantasy settings. Thanks for your time.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Andrew.
      Sure. The Arhel series, in read order, are Fire in the Mist, Bones of the Past, and Mind of the Magic. These are all classic fantasy.

      So are the four Matrin novels, also in read order: Diplomacy of Wolves, Vengeance of Dragons, Courage of Falcons, and Vincalis the Agitator.

      I also have two classic fantasy YAs that many adults also enjoy, though they are very hard to find. These are The Ruby Key, and The Silver Door. The trilogy is incomplete because the publisher cancelled it, but the rights reverted to me. If I can get enough interest in it, I hope to republish the first two books, and write the third and final one.

      I might be missing a few things, but that will get you started. 😀

    2. Jason Gallagher Avatar
      Jason Gallagher

      Don’t forget Talyn and Hawkspar! I love all of the novels Holly mentioned, but I think that Talyn and Hawkspar are real masterpieces. Everyone who loves fantasy should read them.

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