The value of NOT working the weekend becomes clear — 1329 words, and a problem solved out of thin air

I did not think about the book at all over the weekend. I took this one all the way off. Played games on my Switch — Dungeon Village, Dungeon Village 2 (brand new, and much bigger than the first one, with some really nifty additions), some Animal Crossing (though the ‘homework’ aspect of that particular game is starting to wear on me) and Portal Knights, which I love beyond reason. All the PK variations on treasure hunting and the weekend events are enormously fun. 

So I came in today not even remembering where I left off last week. I knew I’d left myself hanging.

I read through Friday’s words, and damned if a lovely solution didn’t just pop into my mind as I wrote. 

I got my words in an hour — fast for me even when things are really flying. And I love what I got, and am looking forward to picking up where I left off tomorrow.

The image on my desktop (captured behind my word counter) is a cave in Scotland. Related conceptually to the answer I figured out as I was getting words down, but NOT a part of the book.

The cave, however, kind of poked the idea at me. So it gets a wave and two thumbs up.

NOW… though, back to building lesson reminders. I’m only on the second version of the first of the classes that need them. And all the classes except the Clinics need them.

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