The update on NIGHT ECHOES

Spent the weekend figuring out ways to insert a couple of necessary scenes in NIGHT ECHOES, and ways to replace the couple I have to pull out. It has not been simple, because the replacements are critical red herrings, and upon the grace with which they can be substituted rests the success of the novel. Today, though, I should start seeing some actual page progress.

This particular revision, though it is not massive in scale, is pretty perplexing in scope.

And I have to have it to my editor on the 14th, or as close to that as possible.

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2 responses to “The update on NIGHT ECHOES”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Red herrings are a major part of plotting. When I get to the Create A Plot e-book, red herrings will be a major section. Meanwhile, though, a Google search will probably turn up something useful.

  2. shay Avatar

    I’d love to know how to write good red herrings – do you know where i can find a decent article about writing them? is there one on your site anywhere?

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