The Triumph of [TC]

Got the WFH1 words today. Like what I got. The success here was a result of two things: first, of redoing a couple of sections of the line-for-scene outline; and second, of letting go of a bit of rigidness as regarded the first draft.

There are a lot of technical words required in this manuscript, and I’ve done and am continuing to do a tremendous amount of research to make sure that I get details right. However, stopping every paragraph or two to look things up has been a grim, miserable business that has slowed my progress to a tooth-gnashing crawl through deep mud.

Today, instead of the constant stopping and looking up, every time I needed a bit of technical jargon, I just put in a [TC-word] marker, where TC stands for "to come" and "word" is the non-technical name for the term I’ll look up later.

When I’m done with this, I’ll run the manuscript with the concordance-maker mentioned yesterday, it will collate all the [TC]s into a nice neat list together within the larger concordance, I will pull the technical terms out of my reference book and plug them into the book in a one-time search and destroy mission, and I will thus save myself massive headaches and the sort of swearing and plodding I have been doing for days.

Got 19,887 words, which puts me over my minimum for today by a couple hundred. I still have some day left to enjoy. And I don’t even have a headache.

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