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The Titanic of Launches — 4 Comments

    • Thank you so much.

      And… LOL. It’s laugh or cry. I decided when I was about fifteen that I’d rather grow old with laugh lines than with frown lines — and while that means that I have spent a sizable chunk of my life finding the humor in pain, so be it. 😀

      I have the laugh lines, and I earned ’em.

  1. I need to write my Memoir! It will need to be fictionalized because while most of the folks have died, their children, etc. are or may be alive, as I am already 77 years old. Situations are or will be based on true events, but need to be disguised to sufficiently protect the people and or families involved. Is this something you can help me with as I do not see “Memoir” specifically mentioned. Thanks for your time. Sandra Berry

    • Hi, Sandra. Memoirs are not something I’ve covered, and are definitely not done in the same fashion as novels. I know there are folks who, along with writing novels, plan to modify the How to Write a Novel class techniques to write memoirs, but I don’t sell it with that in mind, and cannot really recommend it for that purpose if you aren’t also planning on writing novels.

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