The Titanic of Launches

Yesterday was EPIC…

And by that I mean that it was the worst launch start I’ve ever been through.

Better yet, the wreck was my fault. I had, you see, this wonderful idea. We would have a way for folks in the shop to buy gifts for other writers, and to send those gifts directly — nice little note that the writer included straight to the friend’s email, link in the note to the class the writer bought for the friend, account created automatically for the friend IF the friend didn’t have one…

Neat, right?

And I pushed to have it ready for the launch. So if you wanted to, you’d be able to buy How to Write a Novel for your friend at the awesome Early-Bird price.

And at the last minute, I realized there was no way we could have it ready in time, so Dan shut it down, put us back on the regular launch, and off we went…

We thought.

But I did not give Dan the time he needed to test the launch process, because of that whole LAST MINUTE thing…

“We have a deadline, and we can’t see where we’re going, so let’s just drive faster.”

The captain of the Titanic…

And me.


The class registration page is working now.

Class registration is open. Folks are heading in, getting their first lessons, introducing themselves, starting on their new novel.

I apologize for yesterday’s chaos, and I hope I’ll see you there.

How to Write a Novel

Early-Bird Price, $57/month x 8 months, or $456 single payment

This price will only be available now through next Tuesday, and then never again.

(The count-down timer is up at the top of the page.)

  • The class is self-paced, so you cannot fall behind,
  • includes lessons with step-by-step instructions,
  • worksheets,
  • demonstrations,
  • forum discussions, and
  • answers to your questions from me, moderators, and other students who are doing what you’re doing.

The class is already full of amazing people who are writing their novels.

And you can be one of them, AND get the Early-Bird Bonuses:

  • Weekly “Write-Along-With-Me” demo video of me writing MY class novel live
  • Brainstorm the Class Graduation Bonus (this is a separate small class I make exclusively for the folks who buy HTWAN — it’s not available for separate purchase)
  • Vote on the Class Graduation Bonus you want

You want to write a novel. Start it. Build it. And FINISH it.

You can do this.


P.S. It takes about five minutes from purchase to starting class. If you’re new to my classrooms, don’t skip the instruction video on the course intro page.

How to Write a Novel

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4 responses to “The Titanic of Launches”

  1. dragon Avatar

    You are such a bright light in my universe. Thank you for your massive good things and your ability to laugh at your misfires.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      Thank you so much.

      And… LOL. It’s laugh or cry. I decided when I was about fifteen that I’d rather grow old with laugh lines than with frown lines — and while that means that I have spent a sizable chunk of my life finding the humor in pain, so be it. 😀

      I have the laugh lines, and I earned ’em.

  2. Sandra Berry Avatar
    Sandra Berry

    I need to write my Memoir! It will need to be fictionalized because while most of the folks have died, their children, etc. are or may be alive, as I am already 77 years old. Situations are or will be based on true events, but need to be disguised to sufficiently protect the people and or families involved. Is this something you can help me with as I do not see “Memoir” specifically mentioned. Thanks for your time. Sandra Berry

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      Hi, Sandra. Memoirs are not something I’ve covered, and are definitely not done in the same fashion as novels. I know there are folks who, along with writing novels, plan to modify the How to Write a Novel class techniques to write memoirs, but I don’t sell it with that in mind, and cannot really recommend it for that purpose if you aren’t also planning on writing novels.

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