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The Tale of the Tail in the TalysMana Revision — 18 Comments

  1. Cats would take over the world, but then they’d have to reveal themselves and do all the dirty work their human slaves have done all these years…

    My niece’s cat can open the door. They weren’t sure for a while (my niece was blamed for not shutting her door all the way), so she finally set up a video camera and then left the room. He did it right after she left! Took a flying leap off the bed and pulled the handle down. ?

  2. We had a particularly chatty Maine Coon, and I was simultaneously fascinated and unnerved when I realized he had a specific and repeated noise not only for “leaving your personal space, see ya later” but related sub-noises for “leaving via floor” and “leaving via jumping up on something”. I don’t know why the distinction was important to him, but it definitely was.

  3. I am so glad to see Talysmana back on the table, with and without Sheldon. My small dog likes to sit next to my laptop on my desk, and has been known to try to sit on the keyboard. Cat in a dog suit, I think.

    It occurred to me that I have not been getting emails and updates, so I re-signed up on all your email lists. Hope that was the right thing to d

  4. And what a cute helper, haha. I am dealing with a Doberman pup myself who tries to steal what I work on. They are very “helpful” assistants. Let’s face it: he’s teaching you a new way to organize, that’s all.

  5. ROFL! You’ve made my day.

    Thank goodness my housemate, an elderly Persian, isn’t half as smart as Sheldon. As it is, I do all of my revising on-screen, with multiple files open, rather than on paper. Churchill loves pens, paper, clips… He doesn’t steal them. He just wants to help. 🙂

    • Sheldon loves watching the water run in the shower. After watching me, he’s tried to turn the handle to “bring the rain” but fortunately for us, he isn’t strong enough to do that.

      Today while I was showering, though, he did manage to push the shower door in its track open far enough to poke his head in.

      And a drop of water landed on his head, at which point he fled.

    • I hadn’t seen them, but I spent a good half hour watching.

      I gave a cat hands in Fire in the Mist.

      You watch them studying a problem and testing solutions, and you think, “Yeah, if they had opposable thumbs, we’d be in real trouble.”

  6. I miss having cats. I think. Can’t have them now because the husband had developed a terrible allergy to them, so dog it is. He is an annoying, needy thing at times, and will cry for an hour if I fail to take him for a walk. But at least he doesn’t jump on the table and steal pens.

    Back in our younger days we had a cat that could have The Most Fun with a wadded up ball of foil.

    • I keep telling myself, “He’s a cat, not a human. This isn’t thinking. It’s reflex.”

      And then I see him carefully (and successfully) disentangling his Bouncy String from the back of the dining-room chair where it tangled, or trying to turn on the shower after watching me do it (because he loves to watch the magic water from the sky), and watching him watching me as I zip up the yarn bag, and I remember Hrogner, the cat with hands, and I think, “All that’s standing between him and some really nice yarn is a single opposable thumb.”

      And maybe not even that.

      • Yeah, watching Batman watch me open the doors in the house and LEARN how to do it himself (as a kitten he had to jump but you’ve seen his size now, he just gets on his hind legs) as well as other things in the house… It’s disconcerting.

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