The Summer of Fiction Writing EVENT at

To help writers beat the summer doldrums, I’m going to be hosting a Summer of Fiction Writing event on (HWC).

During this three-month writing party, (June 1st – August 31st) folks in the free HCW writers’ community:

  • Will focus on helping newer writers create smaller start-to-finish projects written in the months of June, July, and August, while helping more experienced writers create and complete larger projects
  • Will have “involve your kids” support — I’ll put together a free downloadable Superhero Summer activity PDF that lets younger writers — male and female — invent cool characters, build the worlds they inhabit, make fitting dangers for their superhero to fight, and learn some fiction skills at a very basic level while doing this, so parents who want to write and have children out of school for the summer can let the kids do something cool, too. (No kids on the forum, however. We are an adult community that occasionally deals with subjects that are NOT kid-friendly.)
  • Will support finishing existing hard-drive zombies (possibly with a new How to Revive Your Hard Drive Zombies workshop toward the end IF I can make the time AND if that doesn’t become the How to Write a Novel class bonus — voting isn’t going in that direction at the moment, but it’s way too soon to call it)
  • Will have dedicated event threads in the main discussion board
  • Will focus on helping writers set achievable goals and then achieve them in three months
  • Will be a free event with a limited-time participant signature pip and a blog badge for everyone who participates, AND upgraded “Hit My Goal” pip and blog badge for folks who hit their goals

This will be Holly’s Writing Classes’  first home-grown event.

This 3-month writing event will let participants use any of my paid or free classes or workshops, as well as any of the free PDF workshops I have here on my personal site.

All of the workshops above are available as nicely formatted, downloadable, printable PDFs — just scroll to the bottom of the page you want and select the Download as PDF option.

Our objective in the writing community will be — first —  to set our own goals and then hit them, and — second — to help you set goals that you can reach within the time limit, and then encourage you to post them, to hit them, and to join us in supporting other folks while hitting our OWN summer goals.

Want to get in early and help us brainstorm the upcoming three months, and get a head start on figuring out what you want to start AND finish in that time?

Go to and sign in or create your free account right from the front page.

Then come in and hang out with us here: The SOFW Event Thread.

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8 responses to “The Summer of Fiction Writing EVENT at”

  1. Renee W Avatar

    It looks like your ‘How to Start a Novel link is broken and leads to the old website?

    Thank you for offering these! I bought most of your classes already, but this is wonderful.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      Thanks, Renee. I’m working very hard on the site right now trying to speed it up and make things easier to find.

      I’ll fix that link.

  2. Tannille Avatar

    I need a kick up the butt. This sounds great!

  3. Justin Avatar

    Love this idea! I’ve been working my way through the “How to Write Short Fiction” course, and this is a PERFECT opportunity to get a few short stories written this summer. 😀


    Going to do my best to complete this. Hope to have my outline ready by the start of class.

  5. Nicole Avatar

    This looks like so much fun; you have no idea how excited I am to hear about it. I’m lining up my zombies in my mind already.

  6. Rebecca Avatar

    Wow! This is amazing and generous. I love your courses and appreciate how much extra effort and incredible content you give us here at HWC & above and beyond the paid courses and am floored that you ratcheted it up several more notches with this free event. I just have one question. When do you plan to sleep this summer?

    1. Holly Avatar

      LOL. What is this sleep of which you speak?

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