My How To Write A Series Course is LIVE!

Today you’re going to get a demo of what the SPLINTERS version of your How to Write a Series lessons will look like.


Because I spent yesterday from around 11AM until 2:24AM this morning writing the registration page copy and then building the registration page, which goes into more detail on what’ll be in the class.

This is RAW first draft, and a lot of it was both written and put together when I was tired.

These are the same conditions under which I’ll be building the lessons, so what you’ll see on the registration page is about what you’ll be seeing going through the class.

Nothing fancy. Just plain content without frills.

Some typos. Some spellos. Some places where I get…a bit strange. (When I’m tired, my internal censor shorts out, and I get funny. But weird funny.)

I’m pretty sure I kept the wicked wango tongue off the page (no hair-curling profanity).

I vaguely remember a lot of carpentry analogies.

I KNOW I got the details of what I’m planning for each of the upcoming lessons down on the page.

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with a link to your classroom. Your lessons will all be delivered IN THE CLASSROOM as downloadable

The registration page link is here.

I’ll be on the forums today answering questions on the HTWAS board (linked from the bottom of all HTWAS classroom pages)…

…but I’m also starting the next HTWAS lesson.

If you’re coming in early, thank you. You’ll get my reasons WHY on the registration page.


If you have ANY problems, Becca is on standby in the Help Desk today.


Your discount buttons are in the HTTS and HTRYN classrooms. When you’ve read the class description, use the link above the purchase buttons to go to to your class!

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