The special SELF-PUB modules for How To Think Sideways Self-Pub

By Holly Lisle

How not to be THIS self-publisher.

How not to be THIS self-publisher.

I took a break from putting together a cool HTTS Hotseat today with a writer who needed to know how to create a villain for her story.

Got out a notebook, wrote out the existing modules in How To Think Sideways, and figured out how to streamline the HTTS Self-Pub course.


All current Think Sideways Classic students, as well as all Think Sideways grads,
will get ALL the new modules, and will keep all of the old ones.

If you are in Think Sideways Classic
or have graduated from the class,

HTTS Classic students and grads
get ALL the old modules
and ALL the new ones.

The modules I’m removing from of HTTS Self-Pub are:

  • How To Discover (Or Create) Your Project’s Market
  • How To Design Compelling Queries, Proposals, And Sample Chapters
  • How To Work With Editors, Agents, Marketing Departments, And Artists, And NOT Wreck Your Project
  • How To Deliver What You Promised And What They Want On Deadline

I’ll be replacing them with:

  • The Special Skills of Self-Pub Market Creation
  • Identify and Connect With Your Target Reader
  • What To Do When You’re Writer, Publisher, Art Department, and Marketing And How To Schedule Your Time
  • How to Deliver What Your Readers Want


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