The Selling of Suzee Delight: The Captain’s Dinner

By Holly Lisle

Turns out there has been treachery and evil aboard the Longview, with the spy revealed today. I’m happy with what I got—have written more than four thousand words since my last check-in.  I’m at 14,452 words out of a planned 20,000, but the story is once again running a bit long on me.

I’ll definitely be able to finish both the first draft and the cover art between now and July 31st, the deadline I set for myself.

However, the revision and formatting are going to take longer. I’ll have to do them as I work on HTWAS.

Still, as long as I have the first draft finished, I’ll be ready to pick back up with the How To Write A Series Expansion on schedule, finish up the first HotSeat and Q&A, and start in on Module Two.

A reminder on the HTWAS Expansion if you’re following along or know a fellow writer who want’s to join—the day I start into Module Two, the price of the class goes up. If you have friends who want to take this, let them know now is the time to get the course.

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