The Sad Truth of Voter Fraud

By Holly Lisle

Someone discovered that the IP logging that was supposed to work on the poll I set up wasn’t working any better than the vote tallies at the bottom, and sat running up the numbers on the courses he or she wanted.

I was watching the tallies pretty carefully, and while the numbers changed, the percentages didn’t. And then all of a sudden, several courses pulled massively ahead, and, miracle of miracles, about 70 more votes were cast than had people actually visiting that page.

In EACH of the two surveys.

And again, suddenly out of nowhere, the constant frontrunners in each of the two surveys had fallen far behind leaders that had added about … wait for it … about seventy or so new clicks behind the miracle come-from-behind leaders.

So the survey is closed. I’ll go with the numbers I posted yesterday for now, while I consider the fact that it was important for me to hear from each of you. And I still want to. And how I wish I could kick the someone who decided that his or her vote should drown out the voices of everyone else off the site.

Got a couple of important truths from this. One, go with a paid service for doing polls and whatnot from now on.

Two, don’t try to get along with buggy software, ever.

Three, not everyone who hangs out on my site is one of the good guys. Something I forget, and shouldn’t..

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