The rewrite has been all-consuming.

The first draft of the Green Magic proposal went quickly. The second draft took another two days of massive work, because, well, I’m picky as hell and I ripped the first draft to shreds.

It’s done, it’s a bit longer, and I’m doing type-in now, and will be working late into the night.

The rest of the week will go to the Writer X novel crit, which I need to have in the mail on the 15th in order to have time to finish writing THE RUBY KEY and getting that into the mail by the end of March, which has to be done by then so that I can do the re-revision of HAWKSPAR before it’s too late to keep that book on the schedule (but the edit letter hasn’t arrived yet, so I may still have a wee bit of time on that. (And there’s one on-spec proposal that has to be fitted into all of this, yet, and the possibility of the completion of an in-progress novel. Before the end of April.)

My office is still a mess.

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