The Redesign Ate All My META Tags

For those of you who don’t do HTML, META tags are what many search engines use to locate and categorize pages. They contain things like the page name, page description, suggested search keywords, and other goodies. They have to be entered by hand for each page if you aren’t using a stock entry, and I wasn’t. I’d found that doing individual entries for each page resulted in better and more accurate listings of the site.

Done in the manner that I did them, they’re a lot of work. And now they’re gone ….

[voice quavers, breaks, and in the distance we hear quiet sobbing and the thud, thud, thud of something hollow and coconut-like whacking itself repeatedly against what is definitely a wall-like surface]

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5 responses to “The Redesign Ate All My META Tags”

  1. Cormac Avatar

    Is the problem just losing the tags and not having them to refer to? If the google cache version of the pages are old enough you can grab a copy from there… If it is having to re-enter it, well sadly that won’t help.

  2. Diatryma Avatar

    Aggh, that’s awful. If there’s anything we can do, like Beard said, just tell us.

  3. Jay Avatar

    Aaagh! Incredibly sorry…I was just searching for something yesterday, too. I wish I was a genius so I could tell you how to get them all back with a few clicks, but I didn’t even know what META tags were.

  4. beard5 Avatar

    ACK! Oh Holly [brings pillows to cushion the something hollow and coconut-like, and a chocolate martini as well)

    Seriously, if there is anything we can do, like add metatags, or something, make a challenge. Metatag Pip or something.


  5. Jim Avatar

    I’m sorry. Wish I could help.

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