The Quantum Socks Pattern in the works

I’m about finished with the Quantum Socks knitting pattern—stunned by how tough it is to write a knitting pattern, by the way. After that, I’ll have to put together the Anzi Knitting Rules and the Anzi Mantras and a yarn color chart. I figure I’ll be able to post the thing in the Tangible Magic section of the site some time next week. Also working on a foreword for a collaboration Zette and I did. That will be showing up in the bookstore.

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4 responses to “The Quantum Socks Pattern in the works”

  1. Bettye Avatar

    I do crochet. Learned it at my grandmother’s knee. I found a cousin of my husband’s that creates patterns and sells them to the mags and companys. She is the one who invented the crochet stitch that looks rather like knitting.
    I say all this because my husband’s family lives along the Virginia – West Virginia boarder and are as a whole a bunch of techinal geniuses. Most of that genertation became R & D engineers of one sort or another. It was facinating to me how the creative – technical tendency manifested itself in her.
    Sometimes quite small things can tell us enormous amounts about a people and/or a person.

  2. Holly Avatar

    The collaboration with Zette is non-fiction—all the Vision workshops the two of us did over the years, in e-book form.

    And I don’t do anywhere near as much background as I used to do. I think that the kinds of background that I do now are more useful, though, because they move beyond words into briefly becoming the people I’m creating. I was amazed at what I discovered about the Anzi by creating two pairs of magic socks.

  3. Nicole Avatar

    The amount of background work you put into these stories truly astounds me. But it’s so much fun! (For me, anyway. I’m not the one writing out the knitting pattern.)

    Is the collaboration with Zette one that can be talked about? Or is it a secret project?

  4. PJ Avatar

    Will you be making the pattern available for others? My best friend is a Knitting Fiend! And I just know that she would love to get her hands on a project like this … pluuusssss – there is the added bonus that I could convince her to make me a pair – since I don’t knit….BUT really, I’m just thinking of her – and how she loves knitting patterns – really.

    BTW, what would blue signify? Just asking…. 😉

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