The Proposal Crawl

I’m on 2841 words, and nearing the end. This thing has close to the same story as the previous proposal, but is told in a completely different fashion — and has some huge twists that the previous version lacked.

And no rattlesnakes. DAMMIT, I wanted those rattlesnakes. But not in this book. Definitely not in this book.

I’ve been working on this for hours, and I’m starting to go crosseyed, but I want to finish tonight if I can. That way, I can come in tomorrow morning fresh, and look at what I have, clean it up — and then …

… get to work on HAWKSPAR. I don’t even want to think about how tight those revisions are going to end up being because of my brain crash on this thing.

But, hey. For now the news is good. One train wreck at a time.

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