The Print Version of CCC Is Available

By Holly Lisle

I’m not sure how enthused I am about the whole Lulu process. But I did finish the print version of CCC today, and I have it up on Lulu, and I’ve decided to give it a two-week test run. If you’d like to take a look, the link is here. If you’d like to order a print version of Create A Character Clinic, here’s the temporary link.

Book RETIRED, not available, due to problems with the printing process

Please note that this is identical to the ebook version of CCC being sold on the site.

If it does well and I’m comfortable with Lulu’s printing quality, shipping, and sales reporting process — sure, I ordered a copy šŸ˜€ — I’ll consider keeping the print version available and bringing out other things with Lulu. If not, then I’ll pull the book after two weeks and go back to the drawing board on print versions.

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