The Print Version of CCC Is Available

I’m not sure how enthused I am about the whole Lulu process. But I did finish the print version of CCC today, and I have it up on Lulu, and I’ve decided to give it a two-week test run. If you’d like to take a look, the link is here. If you’d like to order a print version of Create A Character Clinic, here’s the temporary link.

Book RETIRED, not available, due to problems with the printing process

Please note that this is identical to the ebook version of CCC being sold on the site.

If it does well and I’m comfortable with Lulu’s printing quality, shipping, and sales reporting process — sure, I ordered a copy 😀 — I’ll consider keeping the print version available and bringing out other things with Lulu. If not, then I’ll pull the book after two weeks and go back to the drawing board on print versions.

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8 responses to “The Print Version of CCC Is Available”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    I’m having the same trouble as lynd…

  2. Holly Avatar

    lynd and Bridget — the book was temporarily offline while I fixed it. It is now corrected, the link works again, and … well … we’ll see.

  3. Bridget Avatar

    For whatever it’s worth about the links — they worked properly on Saturday afternoon, when I ordered my print copy of CCC through them. I just checked my order status and it looks fine, it says “fulfilling.” I’m also able to find a link to the book — see if this works:

  4. lynd Avatar

    Odd; the text link to lulu returns an “item not available” error; the graphic link returns a “your shopping cart is empty” page. Searching does not find CCC. It is most definitely Monday morning in my corner of the world.

  5. klharrds21 Avatar

    I just ordered my my copy. Now I just have to wait the 10-15 business days for international shipping. Total cost I think is going to be about £18. Not bad considering.

  6. Holly Avatar

    Shay — CCC is now available in 8.5″x11″ ring-bound workbook form. That seemed the most practical form for this particular book, since it would lie flat on any page and not suffer spine damage from heavy use.

    I’ll do my fiction reprints in trade paper. Hardcover is offered, but they’re expensive, and I can’t see anyone wanting to pay the inordinate price for hardcover versions of books that came out as long as fifteen years ago as paperback originals.

  7. JeriT Avatar

    You might want to look into what cafepress can offer you in terms of book printing and distribution. J. Michael Straczynski is currently having all his scripts printed and distributed through them. The site is here: To get to the actual cafepress site, click on the “The Joe Store” link. The guy is meticulous to a fault and will not suffer anything substandard. It might be worth for you to look into this.

  8. shay Avatar

    by print version do you mean it’s now available in paper back?

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