The Print Version of CCC … Again

By Holly Lisle

I think I might have finally cracked the whole Lulu thing. I have CCC published in “Only available to me” mode, and have ordered my own copy. If it works and I get my copy and it doesn’t look like crap, I’ll go ahead and make the ring-bound workbook version of Create A Character Clinic available and post the link.

I was completely over the migraine, by the way, when I came in from dumping the trash yesterday, and my feet were wet because it was pouring rain, and they went out from under me. Slammed my head on the door frame and then the floor, hurt my right wrist and my butt, cut my right foot. Also I scared myself, and Matt, and the poor kid to death, and now my ribs ache, and the head is hurting again. No permanent damage. But … damn.

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