The Print Version of CCC … Again

I think I might have finally cracked the whole Lulu thing. I have CCC published in “Only available to me” mode, and have ordered my own copy. If it works and I get my copy and it doesn’t look like crap, I’ll go ahead and make the ring-bound workbook version of Create A Character Clinic available and post the link.

I was completely over the migraine, by the way, when I came in from dumping the trash yesterday, and my feet were wet because it was pouring rain, and they went out from under me. Slammed my head on the door frame and then the floor, hurt my right wrist and my butt, cut my right foot. Also I scared myself, and Matt, and the poor kid to death, and now my ribs ache, and the head is hurting again. No permanent damage. But … damn.

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10 responses to “The Print Version of CCC … Again”

  1. Holly Avatar

    You’ll keep all of the Lulu profits if you put it up there yourself. I’ll link to your Lulu page through the store — think of it as a fringe benefit for HollyShop writers. Just don’t use their e-book thing — we can offer much better prices on e-books through the shop than Lulu does.

  2. zette Avatar

    Uh…I thought we were doing Muse at LuLu through your site. Are you setting up a OneMoreWord store site at Lulu? I was just going to have Russ do the prelim work and get it all ready to go. He’s done it before for some of his nonfiction stuff.

  3. BJSteeves Avatar

    Ouch….That even hurt me as I read it. I’m glad that it wasn’t more than just a few bruises.

    Hopefully, the CCC bug is now squashed. I’m looking forward to ordering my copy.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Holly Avatar

    Zette — when you get Muse up on Lulu, let me know the address, and I’ll link to it from the store.

    Everyone — I’m sore, but everything came out of my crash pretty much the way it went in. Thank you for your concern and good wishes; fortunately for me, I have a pretty high pain threshhold, and I’m well-enough padded that nothing took real damage.

  5. klharrds Avatar

    The first paragraph: Brilliant! I hope Lulu finally works for you and we get to have a bash at it. I can’t wait to read CCC.

    The second paragraph: Rubbish! I damaged some ribs last year, in a completely self inflicted drunken accident, my fella and I thought piggybacks after 8 beers was the way forward, it simply wasn’t! It was some of the worst pain I have ever had so you have my complete sympathy and remember to take those deep breaths.

  6. Jim Avatar

    take care please as you recover from the fall, and let us know about the utility of the Lulu publication ASAP.

  7. PJ Avatar

    Lulu and the CCC (why does that sound like the name of an odd band?): GREAT NEWS! I hope all is as you think. I know a lot of people were asking for that.

    Your slip: OW! What else can I say? As the Queen of Bizarre, Injury-related Incidents, you have my sincere sympathy. ^_^


  8. zette Avatar

    Sorry to hear about the fall, and glad to hear about the CCC and Lulu stuff. I think I’ll talk Russ into getting Muse set up, if that sounds all right.

    I have a headache. But I also have two three-week-old kittens. They are, at least, getting a little easier to feed.

    Russ is still applying for work at various places. Let’s hope that something turns up soon!

  9. shay Avatar

    sorry to hear about your fall, hope there’s not too much pain…

  10. TJ Avatar

    Sorry to hear that. I hope you recover soon.

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