The POST-novel writing list #selfpub #wabwm

By Holly Lisle

8:27 AM

Finished the novel yesterday. Today I’m working on the promo setup.

My editor is already halfway through the manuscript, and the markup looks pretty ferocious. Am doing my best not to peek.

My editor, incidentally, is my husband, Matt, who has been my first reader and most comprehensive editor since … either Glenraven, or Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood, or The Devil and Dan Cooley. I did all three of those books almost at the same time, anyway.

But while he’s doing editing Warpaint, the partial list of what I have to do includes:

Cover Art
Song Recording
Music Video
Minecraft spaceships video
Minecraft spaceships download
PDF of the first chapters of HTCB and WARPAINT to include in the spaceships download
Blog stuff for the Cady Blog
Product pages on my site for both HTCB and WARPAINT (I am SO behind on site updates

There’s stuff I’m forgetting. I need to dig out my generic book pub list and see what else I have to get done.

But as much of that as possible has to be finished today.


Write with joy.

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