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The Pointy Marketing End of Writing Fiction: Old Dog, New Trick — 11 Comments

  1. I’ll add a recommendation here: David Gaughran’s recent book on BookBub ads. INVALUABLE advice, and he’s one of only two people I know who does well with them. His method is a bit labor-intensive, which is bad, but most indies don’t want to put in that kind of work, so the good news is, most will give up rather than do all that work, leaving a viable ad platform for the rest of us.

      • Dave’s stuff is great. Also really find Joanna Penn’s posts useful. ARe you coming to 50BooksVegas in November? Would love to hang out and there is not a better group of people to help us! Most of the people whose books you’re reading will be there!

        • It sounds cool, but no.

          At the moment I’m just trying to get us moved out of Hurricane Alley. I’ll consider doing the sort of stuff that costs money (like conventions) when I have us out of the line of fire.

          • Moving out of Hurrican Alley is a seriously good goal. Where do you want to be? 50BooksVegas is a cheap conference rather than a convention. If you ever want to go, I’ve got a brother in law with a place in Vegas to make it even cheaper. Pay it forward!

        • Robert, I’ll be at 20 Books! I’m hosting a newsletter workshop the weekend before and then probably speaking at the con (Craig and I still have to work out the details). Come find me; I always love to meet fellow Holly acolytes! 😉

  2. there’s no link for the split tests…at least I couldn’t find it, but I’d help with copy. one thing I need help with, actually.

    • The third-party software I bought because I thought I’d be able to use it for split-testing covers and copy turns out to be unable to handle text. And getting it to work with covers is half-assed at best.

      Dan is working on my Split Tester again (a piece of one of my classes that got derailed when the site broke).

      When we have enough of it done that I can use it, I’ll start split-testing with that. And we’ll get folks who took the class into the software as soon after that as possible.

      Meanwhile… I’m just guessing and hoping.

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