The Philosopher’s Gambit, Episode 3 of Tales from The Longview, is live!

By Holly Lisle

This story has been done (except for the teaser for Episode 4) since early 2015.

It’s the follow-up to The Selling of Suzee Delight, and follows the regulars from the first two episodes, plus some new folks.

Tales from The Longview is my approach to a dystopian universe — told from the point of view of people not content to accept dystopia.

I’m so glad to finally have it out. You can read the first chapter here:

I’m now outlining Episode 4: The Vipers’ Nest. While that will take a while, because I’m also writing and rebuilding the How to Write a Series class for which these episodes are demonstrations, it WON’T take another two years. Hoping to have it done and on sale in a few months. I’ll be writing Vipers’ Nest during class-building time, though. Not writing time, which is my first hour each morning.

Having now finished my FIRST project from my Fiction List of Three, Talysmana moves into my one hour of morning fiction.

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