The Other Shoe Dropped — Ohio 4 and the Friday “Say WHAT?!”

In the first version of these novels, I had one main character who I was having do a lot of chasing around because my main character was being stubbornly stupid about an activity that was bad for her — except she refused to see it.

I made her smarter.

And because she stopped doing stubbornly stupid things in Book 2, my VERY important character disappeared from the Book 2.

And then, because she stayed smarter, from Book 3.

He’s still massively important to the story.

And this morning, I was outlining him into the next scene, and realized it had been a while since I’d written him…

So I searched back through the first three novels.

And. Yeah. He was well-represented in one. Then gone completely in two and three.

TWO whole books.

So while I’m resting and relaxing over the weekend, I’m also going to be brainstorming how to make him relevant to her my MC’s more intelligent current activities, so I can put him back to work.

He’s crucial for the series. So I need to get this right. His being in those earlier two books HAS TO MATTER, because in this book, he has EPIC work to do.

So this can’t just be folks bumping into him at WalMart, or the equivalent.

I’m so annoyed at myself.

But… it’s FRIDAY. So having discovered my oversight, I’m now heading off to relax for a bit.

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