The Ohio Series: Tori and the Townie

I had a rough time starting today. Had other things I had to do first (setting up for the Summer of Fiction Writing event), which made getting the words pretty rough at the start. 

But when Becky came in and we started running tens together, things picked up.

And today was interesting. 

My main character, Tori, saw a guy her first day in town that the first identified as a knob, who then demonstrated he probably had more to him than what shows on the exterior.

Today she ran into him again after tripping over what her grandmother had buried in the basement, and it turns out he knew of her existence. 

And the two of them took turns over coffee trying to figure out how much of what was going on the other one knew.

It was a fun couple of scenes. And left me in a good place for tomorrow.

Also, Tori named her kitten Gordon Malloy, after her favorite character on The Orville.

Also mine.

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One response to “The Ohio Series: Tori and the Townie”

  1. Phoenix Avatar

    Basically every time you post about the Ohio series I get this urge to post that Futurama meme with Fry yelling “Shut up and take my money!”

    Waiting for things to be finished is HARD.

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