The Ohio Series: Novel 1 – Define “crazy”… And a note about my email list revamp

My main character is finding herself in a situation where reality is meshing badly with her previous understanding of reality. She’s doing the best she can with it, but she’s kind of missing the days when the worst thing that happened to her was that she got shot at.

Thinking maybe going back to THAT job would be a serious step up.

Had a great writing day, got 2053 new words, finished up yesterday’s second scene, and got a good chunk of a new scene today. And I keep loving this world more and more.

My favorite moment today was my main character’s “ahah!” moment about conspiracy theorists and their connection to areas in the country with low population densities. That might be tomorrow’s snippet…

MAJOR fun. 

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job?

And on a another topic, I am overhauling my mailing lists, simplifying the selections, and deleting a few things I’m not going to be pursuing anymore from the options, and have dumped the “game” concept from the option selection because it was impossible to maintain, and too hard for folks to use.

So if you are already on my mailing list, I’ve deleted all your tags except for the “big class owner” tags for HTWAN, HTRYN, HTWAS, and HTTS.  You’ll get the new “pick your interests” email when I get it done.”

If you’re if you’re considering signing up for emails from me in the next week, it’s going to take me about a week to get you your  Preference Email.

Here’s why.

I’ve deleted all the tags folks added to their emails before. Have selected just the tags for projects and activities I’ll be supporting in the future — and now I have to build that email. Selecting tags is a light process on the user end. It is intensive and complicated on the builder end, though, and as the builder, I’m going to need about a week to put together the structure that underpins “click the link you want, add that tag to your email.”

So please hang with me while I get this done.

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