The Ohio Series: Neighbors and Secrets

Keeping this short because I ran way long on the my fiction writing time today. We have other stuff going on, and I kept getting interrupted – and the other stuff had to take priority.

But I finished up with 2040 words, and love what I got. 

Tori dealt with a friendly but kind of nosy neighbor who’d been a friend of her grandmother’s, got bossed around by the book in her closet, and has some weird documents left behind by her pointy-eared lawyer that she’s going to have to go through soon.

I’m so happy. This novel is wonderful fun to write — and the part that’s coming next is going to take Tori (and me with her) into the deep and incredibly dangerous unknown…

Of her dead grandmother’s basement. Where she cannot imagine what awaits her.

Cannot wait for tomorrow. If I didn’t have a ton of other work to finish, I’d still be writing.

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3 responses to “The Ohio Series: Neighbors and Secrets”

  1. Avatar

    Please note an interesting gift for win.

  2. dragon Avatar

    this sounds like so much fun.

    1. Holly Avatar

      I have had this much fun writing one other book recently. Dead Man’s Party.

      Only this one is actually more fun, because I started it in the right place.

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